System Hints

31 days badge“Some books offer elaborate systems for memorizing material, but I only have ten tried-and-true suggestions.

1)  Make up your mind you can memorize just one verse.

2)  Work at it every day.

3)  Keep your current memory verse on whatever screens you use, such as your handheld phone or your computer screen. Post it on your refrigerator. Slide it under the glass of your desk or tape it to the dashboard of your car. Use sticky-notes everywhere. This is akin to the Bible’s advice of writing it on the doorposts of your house and on the walls of your rooms.

4)  Repeat, repeat, repeat.

5)  My wife repeats her memory verses aloud, often using little songs she’s composed for the words. She finds that singing a verse, even with a made-up tune, helps her remember it for years.

6)  Read each verse in its context and study it. Write it out.

7)  Learn the reference as part of the verse.

8)  Review, review, review.

9)  Figure out some homemade mnemonics and mental associations, either for the verse or for the reference.

10)  Use your verses. Preach them to yourself, quote them for others, and turn them into prayers to the Lord.”

~from Robert Morgan’s 100 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know by Heart (p. 44). B&H Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.


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