Reviewing is very difficult for me.  Sometimes I work so hard on new verses, I forget to review the ones I have already memorized.  I have not found the perfect system for this.  Actually, there isn’t one.  Probably the biggest deterrent to reviewing is reviewing itself.  I try to review and make mistakes or forget what comes next and then the discouragement sets in.  Being able to stand up and recite the entire chapter of Romans 8 on a second’s notice is not the goal.  Transformation of my heart is. versebook To aid me in review, I have a section in my notebook for each day of the week.  When I have finished memorizing a new passage, I add it to a day of the week.  I try to spread these evenly out over a week.  I aim to review each passage once a week, knowing that it isn’t going to happen.  If I aim for once a week, I will surely hit once a month.  It isn’t the best method, but it works for me.

These posts are a great help in the reviewing process:

Memory Verses:  3-step Review to Remember~”Don’t be discouraged when you do forget some. Because you will. While we all desire word-for-word retention of everything we’ve learned, heart transformation is what God is after.”

To remember, review~This post was so encouraging.  I’m going to forget,  but when I review I will remember that I once knew those verses.  And then I  will learn it again.

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4 thoughts on “Reviewing

  1. Good tips here, Kim. I have found that writing out the verses helps me remember them when I am having trouble with certain passages. But I think the bottom line is that God is happy with any attempt on our part to hide His word in our hearts so that the Holy Spirit might use it when it is most needed. TRANSFORMATION…it’s been popping up a lot recently, too. I’m so glad He has allowed our paths to cross!

  2. sdwire

    “I If I aim for once a week, I will surely hit once a month.”

    There’s a lot of wisdom there. Those who succeed because they only set “reasonable” goals usually don’t go as far as those who “fail” at extreme goals. Thank you for sharing the success you find in your unmet goal.

  3. Yes, I agree that there is no perfect way and that perfection is not the goal. I review more than I should, and have trouble retaining new verses. Using Scripture Typer is hopefully going to resolve that issue for me, since it sets up the review schedule. So far, so good. Thanks for this post, Kim. Definitely want to see the Word transform my heart.

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