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Let’s face it.  We all have days when just can’t.  Can’t think.  Can’t remember.  Can’t make the time that we need to work on our verses.  One thing I’ve started to do on those kind of days is to use Bible Gateway.  You can use it on your computer through the web or download the app on a device.  I love the audio option that you get with Bible Gateway.  When you have one of those days, there are always moments that you can utilize.  For example, yesterday was one of those days for me.  I was so tired and trying to get out the door in a hurry.  I put Romans 8 on Bible Gateway and recited along with the audio.  This is a great way to review on “one of those kind of days.”  When the next verse wouldn’t come to my mind, the reader started it and then I was able to join in.  By the time I was somewhat put together, I had reviewed the whole chapter and discovered that I was calmer in my mind and body.

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One thought on “Audio Help

  1. The Word of God does have that calming effect on us when we are harried! Bible Gateway is something I’ve not used. I think I may give that a try soon! Thanks so much!

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