God’s Word in Your Heart

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that this is an important topic to me.  Every now and then I return to this topic on the blog.  I’ve been encouraged by one reader recently who told me that she started memorizing God’s Word after reading about it on my blog.  It wasn’t hard for me to choose my topic for 31 Days.  =)  I have a tab on the header for this topic.  I post helpful hints and tools on this page; as well as, links to blog posts I have written.  I hope you’ll take some time to check it out.

God’s Word in Your Heart

Please note:  I have been posting once a day, but the timezone on my blog was set wrong and so it appears that I am posting twice a day a couple of times.  Sorry about that.  I think I have it fixed now.  If you click on the index page, I have each entry on the correct day.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.  This my first time to do 31 Days.  There is so much to think about, but it has been good for me!  =)

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One thought on “God’s Word in Your Heart

  1. Thanks for the link, Kim. I haven’t been reading the posts every day. My week has been hectic. I’m catching up tonight. I’m really quite grateful for your posts on Bible memorization. It has been the best discipline for me. I think this 31 days is great for reinforcing its importance. I know it takes time away from other things to do this. I appreciate the worthwhile effort!

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