Worth the Read…

10 tips to memorize a Bible chapter-I needed this right now.  I’ve been struggling with my current passage and this was very helpful.

Revealed: American family rescued by hero of attack on Nairobi’s Westgate mall-A missionary serving in Kenya shared this on Facebook. It’s an amazing testimony of God’s grace and protection. Things like this really hit home for any missionary. We all have our places that we like to go for a little taste of home. So thankful that we serve a God we can trust no matter what we might face.

Why I Still Wear A Tie to Church-Great article the counteracts the dressing down of church members today.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

2 thoughts on “Worth the Read…

  1. Kim, Have you tried ScriptureTyper.com? I have not but it looks good. I continue to write mine out using the first letter of each word, which works but gets slow (can’t write as fast as I can think). This time of year I tend to get bogged down. Thanks for encouraging me! Your post a few years ago is what got me started 🙂 Joyce

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