Something to think about…

I like to listen to Revive Our Hearts podcasts.  There are so many valuable lessons to learn there.  I can listen while cleaning, exercising, watering the garden or pulling weeds.  I’m about a month behind, but it’s o.k.  There is no need to keep a schedule when they are online.  The one I listened to today featured Nancy Guthrie on grief.  Below is some of the manuscript.  She made me think about somethings I’ve never thought about before.  I hope it will a blessing to you.  No matter what our loss is, God wants to fill our emptiness with Himself.  The question is, will we let Him?


“Perhaps you stayed up late tonight because you see the emptiness in your life as your greatest problem. I want you to know tonight that God does not see your emptiness as a problem. God sees your emptiness as an opportunity, an open place that can be filled up with Himself.

That is what we see in the Bible over and over again. What is the first verse in the first book of the Bible? Anybody remember? “And God created the heavens and the earth.” It was formless and what? It was empty. What happened? The Spirit hovered over the waters, and the Word of God went out. The chaotic emptiness of the world was filled with light and life and fruitfulness and purpose.

You see, God does His best work with empty when, by His Spirit, He begins to fill it with Himself.

Think of a few chapters later in Genesis. God is calling a people to Himself. He begins with one man, Abraham. At the end of Genesis chapter 10 we read what I think is one of the saddest verses in the Bible. It says that he had a wife Sarah. And what does it say about her? “She was barren.” Almost as if that’s not enough for us, it’s almost repeated, “She had no children.”

Now this is a profound emptiness, isn’t it? A lifetime of an empty womb, and some of you know exactly what that feels like month after month.

But Sarah’s emptiness was not a problem to God. He came, and He said, “Next year at this time, you’re going to have a baby.” Her womb was filled with a baby they called Laughter. And their lives were filled with laughter and joy because God does His best work with empty.

Then later there’s another woman, and it’s also impossible for her to be pregnant. Not because she’s old, but because she’s never been with a man. And the angel comes to Mary, and he says that she’s going to have a Son. She says, “How can this be?” Well, how is it going to be? “The Spirit will come; the Spirit will overshadow you; the Spirit will hover, and the womb was filled with life”—the very Life of God.

So this is my close to you, ladies. I know some of you really are wondering, What’s it going to take to get through this? This is perhaps the most significant answer, and that is you invite God to fill up the emptiness in your life and in your home with Himself, with His very life. All of your emptiness He will fill it up. He is enough.”

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