A Cultural Moment

The average Japanese woman wears anything between a size 0 to a size 4.  Sickening, I know.  🙂  Recently, I was talking to a woman who was just hired by a company after a series of tests and interviews.  My guess is she is about a size 8.  She looks good and healthy to me.  Anyway, she was told that she would have to pass a physical to keep the job and in order to do that, she needed to lose weight.  I was shocked!  Imagine that happening in a America…

3 thoughts on “A Cultural Moment

  1. That’s wild. I think it probably does happen in America, but not openly. Businesses could be sued for discrimination if it were known they didn’t hire someone because of a physical characteristic, but the hirer’s feelings are going to be a part of their general impression.

    It’s really strange to consider a size 8 overweight! One of the differences in culture we wouldn’t expect.

  2. I’m always surprised at how tiny the Asian girls look at the University compared to Americans, Africans, and Europeans but a size 8 sounds very small to me.

    My daughter is very tall and wore a size ten in the 9th grade. She thought she was huge because most of the other girls were still more girlish than her. She now looks back at those pictures and laughs that she thought she was fat but compared to others in her class, that is the self image in her head.

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