9 thoughts on “Faithful Friend

  1. So very sorry for your loss…it is VERY tough, I have been through it recently too. You gave her all the love in the world, what a happy little dog she was because of that. A reflection of how it will be, eventually,. when all is resolved in the Lord.
    Pixie is out of the pain she was in, happy, loved and waiting peacefully for that time…probably running and playing like crazy too!
    Blessings, prayers, hugs
    xxxx Alex

  2. I too send my sympathy, every loss is a great loss. God gives wonderful gifts…its hard to learn to do without them. May He comfort your heart and help in time of need. Sending love, K.

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss. She was a cutie.

    You have been on my mind off and on lately. Today, I reposted something that had a comment from you on it – and I thought, I have to come by and check on you. Maybe this is why?

    Our little pets just fill our lives with so much – and when they’re gone, it hurts a bunch. I pray the Lord lift your heart and hold you close while this near time takes place. It sure takes time to get beyond the hurt of losing them.

    Take care, Jenn

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