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Stack-of-Books3I’ve composed several blog posts in my head, but haven’t had the get-up-and-go to post them.  I had a kanji test today.  I think I passed, but won’t know until next week.  I’m not good at spelling in Japanese, so that could make a difference in the outcome.  This semester is taking a lot more of time in preparation, homework, etc.  Yesterday, I spent 7.5 hours studying!  UGH!  I don’t think I have done that since I was in college.  That was a very looooooooooooong time ago.

I’ve read several things on the web lately that I thought worth sharing.  I hope you enjoy!


Shut the Door(Part One)-“Disable the Distractions that Destroy Your Time with God”

Finding Quiet in an Incredibly Loud World: 5 tips for practicing stillness-“Usually when the distractions of daily life deplete our energy, the first thing we eliminate is the thing we need the most: quiet, reflective time.”

Minimalist Mom: New Trend or Old News?-“Minimalist parenting or whatever they want to call it isn’t a new trend started by upper middle class families who want to experience a life with less, it is something numerous families have been doing for thousands of years due to financial circumstances, environmental concerns, or choice.”

33 Signs You Might Be A Missionary…

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