Worth the Read

The mist rising from the mountains after a storm is absolutely beautiful.

We are in transition getting our youngest ready for the big step of entering college.  I’m enjoying the time that I have left with him.  Will post more about that later.  I’ve not been consistent in posting, but I am taking time to read around the web.  Here are some links to posts that are definitely worth the read.  The first three links are to a series.  The author took a survey of missionary women and posted their response.  I appreciate the candidness of the author in the Scripture memory link.  Honestly, there are times when there is no time or we don’t feel like doing what we know we ought to do, but a little is better than nothing…The last link speaks for itself.  Have a great day!

Have We Lost Something? Missionary Wives Speak.

Have We Lost Something? Missionary Wives Speak., Pt. 2

Missionary Wives Furlough Q & A

Scripture memorization – A little is better than . . .

20 Things I Want To Tell Engaged And Newlywed Women {Really All Married Women}

One thought on “Worth the Read

  1. Thank you for linking these blogs. I found them interesting and helpful, especially the memorization one. Enjoy your days with your son. I am sending a third daughter off to college in a little over a week. The days are speeding by.

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