A Time to Keep Silent?

I did not intend to take a blogging break, but that is what has happened and will most likely continue to happen until September.  Many changes are taking place in my family at this time and it is taking all of my energies.  It’s not bad.  It’s the cycle of life and God is working in me at this time.  I am finding once again that even when everything around me is changing, God never changes.

Kani Rose Garden, 2012

My children have grown into responsible adults.  My daughter, who is working at a camp for the summer, called yesterday and with tears in her voice told us of leading one of her campers to a saving knowledge of our Lord.  Number #2 son is spreading his wings and starting to fly as he handles situations and goes through his first job hunt as part of his new life that is about to begin as a college student next month.  Number #1 son is blossoming as a husband and facing his responsibilities in a manner that makes my heart swell.  It is a joy to learn more of my new daughter as she settles in as a member of our family.

Kani Rose Garden, 2012

My children are showing me that, even though they no longer need me as primary care-giver, they still need me…my listening ear, my advice, my love, and for the younger two…some money.  😉  Although in the past I have dreaded this time of empty nest, I now look forward to it with the eager anticipation of seeing what God will do next in our family.  There are exciting days ahead!

Kani Rose Garden, 2012

Blogging for the next several weeks will be sporadic.   Thank you for your patience.  I am praying about starting to share some of what I am learning as an empty nester.  There are so many “mommy” blogs, but it seems that very few share about the stage of life that I am in.  I have been preparing for what is coming for some time now and am finding that that has been a big key for me.  Thanks for listening to my rambling.

until the next time…

6 thoughts on “A Time to Keep Silent?

  1. A good post…the empty nest is something I remember well. A painful time for me….but it had its good points too. A great time to bond more deeply with hubby. …for sure! btw…can you do anything to help my comment link back to my blog? I’d sure appreciate it. The log in icons I have the choice of here are…facebook….twitter or wordpress.

  2. I’m finding the empty nest has its perks as well — though mine isn’t entirely empty yet as my youngest will be attending college close to home and living here while he does so. The first year my oldest son was away I missed him with almost physical pain, and though I still miss him, Skype and Facetime help a lot and it is not quite so intense. I’m enjoying being able to just “pick up and go” with my husband again.

  3. I had the hardest time when my oldest left home. Seeing her blossom and grow was a great blessing and helped when the last two left the nest. Another blessing is the coming of grandchildren as your children marry and establish their own homes!

  4. A friend of mine who went through this stage a couple years before me told me how surprised she was when she realized she’d worked herself out of a job as a homeschooling mom when her kids grew up!

    That was her goal and suddenly she was there.

  5. Oh, I hope you will write about the things you’ve learned in this stage of life! I am there too – our oldest will be getting married in January and my younger son and daughter are college students – and I’d love to read your thoughts about all the changes taking place. I’m super excited about adding a new daughter to our family, and for the past six years it has been our joy and delight to see our children begin their adult lives and choosing to serve the Lord.

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