Taut Nerves

“The platform of taut nerves is not without its own kind of suffering.  It may be He has to allow us to get so desperate that we will be willing to attempt the impossible with Him, before He sends us relaxation.  Whatever the reason for His allowing those circumstances it is also a place where His fellowship is found.  It is a place where His power will be manifested.  And the end of it is that we know Him better.  You renew my faith in God will be the testimony of onlookers.”

Shadows and shine art Thou,

Dear Lord, to me;

Pillar of cloud and fire,

I follow Thee.

What though the way is long,

 In Thee my heart is strong,

Thou art my joy, my song—

Praise, praise to Thee.

     —Amy Carmichael

from In the Arena by Isobel Kuhn, pg. 134.  I’m dealing with ‘taut nerves” right now.  So much on my plate.  I’ve started looking for the things that aren’t so important to remove for more time of fellowship with my Father.  I need it!

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2 thoughts on “Taut Nerves

  1. When I first saw the title I thought of Isobel Kuhn — I love In the Arena. Too often with taut nerves I just want relief instead of stopping to see what the Lord has for me there. Thanks for this! Hope and pray God does relieve the tautness you’re undergoing soon.

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