From the books…

…uh, I mean Facebook.  Here are a few quotes that made me think from friends’ Facebook statuses.

“Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave.” ~Martin Luther

“Never before in American religious history have we had more believers turning away from what they call ‘legalistic standards’ in favor of exercising ‘discernment.’ Yet neither have we seen so much immorality and blatant worldliness in the church.”

“Almost every error in Christian living and character stems from either ignorance of or disobedience to the divine priority of the eternal over the temporal.” ~both quotes from Essential Virtues by Jim Berg

“Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave.” ~Martin Luther

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On a different note, please pray for a dear brother in the Lord serving here in Japan.  He is expected to meet his Saviour face to face in the next few hours.  Also,  pray for his family and the ministry he pastors.  My thought have once again turned towards the house of mourning.

2 thoughts on “From the books…

  1. I’ve seen the one by Luther before — a good reminder. It could probably be reversed for husbands, too, to live so that the wife is sorry to see him leave and happy to see him return home.

    i do agree with the second one, yet we’ve struggled with those who have made preferences which the Bible doesn’t address specifically into legalistic standards and then “blast” anyone who questions them. I’ve known young (and not so young) people to have a very hard time with that. So, I can see that point and yet we have to be careful not to toss aside all standards as legalistic.

    Praying for the man you mentioned.

  2. The bit on abandoning legalism for “discernment” strikes me as interesting. I have seen some of the same things Barbara described–but my observation is that “discernment” is rarely the direction one goes when reacting to legalism. Instead, I know of a lot of people who call what they do “exercising Christian freedom”–when I would maybe argue that they’re actually enslaving themselves to permissible but not beneficial habits.

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