An Answer and a Desire

God promises us that He hears our prayers.  He also tells us that if we commit our way to Him, He will give us the desires of our heart.  Sacrifices are required when we serve Him, but He knows and He blesses.  The last time our English ladies’ Bible study met, we specifically prayed that the Lord would bring more attenders to our English service and add a lady to our Bible study.  Two weeks ago, we had 5 visitors:  a family of three and a young couple.  The family returned and today, the wife attended our Bible study!  Praise the Lord for answered prayer.

On another note, I’ve been wishing I could attend a quilting class or guild of some sort, but didn’t know where to find one.  I was also concerned about language ability in that kind of a setting.  A friend recently posted about a free online quilting class.  I checked it out and signed up!  It runs for a year.  You can interact with the teacher and other members and post pictures to see others’ projects.  I had no idea there was such a thing online.  I watched the first lesson and I’m making plans to get started this week.  Can’t wait!  If you’d like to join in, click on the photo below.  This class is at the end of the list and the price should be posted as free.  Hope to see there!

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