Simple Pleasures

I have a very difficult time reading labels here.  The whole ordeal of finding cleaning supplies has always been a major chore.  I usually go by the pictures, but looks can be deceiving.  A few months ago, I found Scrubbing Bubbles for the bath.  I was overjoyed!  My joy was overflowing today when I went to the store to get some bath cleaner and found they now have Scrubbing Bubbles for the toilet and kitchen too!

toilet cleaner, bath cleaner, kitchen cleaner

One thought on “Simple Pleasures

  1. I am excited for you! I lived in Japan 12 years, and reading labels was HARD. (Tho’ now I spend hours in the store, b/c I’m reading all the labels I couldn’t read for years.) 🙂

    Enjoy the stress relief of your scrubbing bubbles!

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