A Definition of Cold

Today I witnessed a new definition of cold.  I’ve mentioned here before that we live in a country that does not have central heat.  This week it has been in the 20’s at night.  Folks, when you don’t have heat, that is cold!!!  I’m so thankful for electric blankets and down comforters.  The only problem with these  is that you don’t want to get out from under them in the morning.  Anyway, this morning, when I looked in the bathroom mirror, I saw my breath!  I hurried through my morning routine so that I could rush back to the warmth of the kerosene heater in our bedroom.

until the next time…  

2 thoughts on “A Definition of Cold

  1. Oh my….I can’t imagine not having any central heating and it being 20 degrees at night. It was a warm 46 here today. We shed our coats for a couple of hours while shopping. I too am grateful for electric blankets! I hope things warm up for you soon, you brave girl! =)

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