Cultural Moment: Heated Seats

We live in a country without central heat or air conditioning.  In the month of August, the temps can reach 100-105 F.  Right now, it is in the 30’s.  It’s cold.  We have kerosene heaters and a few electric space heaters that take the edge off and we dress warm.  We drink hot drinks and eat hot meals, particularly soup.  All of these help to keep us warm.  There is, however, one room in the house (in our case, there are two) where none of these things help…namely, the toilet room as it is referred to here.  The Japanese have a brilliant solution to this problem…heated toilet seats.  They are wonderful, especially in the middle of the night when no other heaters are operating.  One never fully appreciates the heated seat until you visit a home where they do not have one.  =)

My husband was returning to the states a few years ago and spotted a Japanese man walking through the terminal in Detroit carrying…you guessed it…a heated seat!  😉


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