From the books and more…

Barbara at Week in Words linked to the article, 5 Ways to Make More Time to Read.  It gives some great tips in making time for reading or any other worthwhile endeavor.  At the end of the article, he quotes Dr. Suess.  “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

“When life happens, we choose our heart’s meditation…Abiding in His Word takes diligence and thoughtful living.  Believing His Word to be true and applicable to my daily moments takes effort and endurance.” ~Savoring Living Water by Katie Orr and Lara Williams

“But there’s another truth about this life. The truth that Light penetrates the darkness, that grace is alive and working, and that we have a hope that carries us through it all. And so maybe, instead of shutting ourselves in from the darkness, we should throw our doors wide open to let the Light shine out.” ~Hospitality:  Light in the Darkness at Sometimes a Light

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3 thoughts on “From the books and more…

  1. The last line of the last quote really speaks to me today. I think Christians (including myself) have spent to much time insulating ourselves from darkness rather than letting our light shine.

  2. All good quotes. Since it’s a dark and gloomy morning here in Alabama, the one about light is ringing out the loudest to me. I’ve opened up all the blinds so the available light can come in, and I will go out today and hopefully let it shine out from me.

  3. The part you bolded in the second quote caught my attention “We choose our heart’s meditation.” So often I think that “it’s just the way I am” that I worry or stew or whatever. But it’s not. It’s a choice I make. And in the same way that I often choose to meditate on things that are not good, I can choose to meditate on “whatever is good, whatever is lovely, whatever is noble…”

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