As we approach the holidays, one thing I often think is that the only tradition that I have is that I have no traditions!  It’s different when you live in another country.  You just can’t do what you would do if you were in the States.  For one thing, Christmas is not a holiday here.  People go to work, school, etc. just as on any other day.  As I thought on this, I realized that we do have some traditions that aren’t necessarily related to the holidays.  For example, every November we go to beautiful Asuke to enjoy the fall leaves and the festival.  We’ve had an unusually warm and dry fall so the leaves weren’t quite ripe this year.  It was still a lovely time.  Here are a few shots from our evening there.

One thought on “Traditions

  1. We enjoyed your photos of your evening in Asuke. Beauty is everywhere. I can’t imagine living anywhere but the U.S. I’m so in an American mindset I guess? lol. R has posted pictures of Arizona that are quite pretty. I have to admit I’m not looking forward to the plane ride to get out there by and by. He will be home for Christmas. I’m glad of that. Thats a wonderful picture of you in the sidebar! Happy Thanksgiving..

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