From the books…

The Lord ministered to my heart in many ways during my recent hospital stay.  My daily Scripture and devotional readings brought constant reminders or His love and presence with me.  I have a new understanding of His goodness.  The following statement from Gospel Meditations for Women sums it up beautifully.  “The last and most significant display of God’s goodness was His own presence with Adam and Eve in the garden (Gen. 3:8).”

I am rereading His Word in My Heart, by Janet Pope.  On page 100, she made a statement that really made me stop and think.  “If God’s commands are a burden to us, that is an indication of our intimacy level.”

“O that all my distresses and apprehensions might prove but Christ’s school to make me fit for greater service by teaching me the great lesson of humility.” ~pg. 99, The Valley of Vision

I’ve been reading a series of novels by a new to me author.  They’ve been enjoyable and instructive.  From Fit to be Tied by Robin Lee Hatcher, pg. 77.  “…whenever we compare ourselves with another or wonder why that other person doesn’t seem to suffer as we do, Jesus will always answer us in the same way He answered Peter.  ‘What is that to thee?  Follow thou me.’ It’s important that we keep our eyes focused on what God wants to do in our lives.  When we follow and trust Him, we can never go astray.”

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