Cultural Moment

Today I experienced another cultural moment.  I am convinced that the Lord wanted to me meditate some more on the truths in my last post about small harassments!  I visited Starbucks today with a friend.  It was not the one that I usually go to, but I know that I can’t special order here, so I stuck to what was on the menu.  The first words out of my mouth…”tall decafe ice coffee…”  were interrupted with, “Just a minute, please.”  She disappeared into the back room for a few minutes and came back with a pitcher of decafe coffee.  This looked promising to me, since I usually have to wait for them to brew it.  Next I requested soy milk.  “Just a minute, please,” as she disappeared again.  This time for a few minutes times two!  She came back and informed me that it will cost extra.  I already know this and it is fine.  Then I ask if I can have apple crumb syrup in it.  That will cost extra also, but it is fine.  She finally began to prepare my drink without taking my money. People in line behind me began to move to another line.  By this time, if I wasn’t with my friend, I think I would have vacated the premises.  The clerk returned and informed me that I cannot have the apple crumb syrup, but I can have the regular flavors such as hazelnut.  I do not understand why, but I complied and requested hazelnut.  She finished my drink and showed it to me, took my money and handed me my drink.  It was worth it, I think?!?

Cultural note:  Something cannot be used for anything other than its intended use.  The apple crumb syrup was for the special drinks of the month.  These cannot be made decafe here and the syrup cannot be used in anything other than its intended use.  I’m missing Starbucks in the good ole USA!

2 thoughts on “Cultural Moment

  1. Good thing you were with your friend. A two fold cord is stronger than a single. =) They are a stickler about rules for sure! But just think…you were speaking Japanese…how impressive is that to us over here, you go girl!

  2. My daughter would have a terrible time. Her Starbucks’ order is a mile long and when we were on vacation together, I was struck how each time she ordered (her treat each morning was Starbucks), how pleasant the people were who accepted her unique request.

    I simply said… pumpkin spice latte, please. 🙂

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