From the books…

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The following quotes are from In the Arena by Isobel Kuhn.  I’ve had several cultural irritations recently and needed to be reminded of what she had to say.

From the chapter, Small Harassments

Pg. 113, “’A soul well-disciplined is beyond all price’(Knox’s Translation).  I have met the Lord here many times.  Phillipians 3:21 used to be a help to me.  It says that He is able to subdue all things unto Himself.  When the hot feelings of rebellion against circumstances would storm up in my heart I have often cried to Him.  ‘Lord, Thou saidst all things, that must mean me.  Then subdue me, subdue this flaming resentment, O Lord, I pray Thee.’  And then He would, but first He met me and it was on just such a humiliating platform—a small harassment.”

Pg. 116, “Small harassments; they come to everyone.  What are we to do with them or in them?  Seek a promise from the Lord.  Nothing is too small but that He will respond to comfort or to guide.  My diary says that His Word to me those days was Psalm 44:4:  ‘Thou art my King, O God; command deliverances for Jacob.’…He does not rule out small harassments; but He does rule that they shall not overcome us!”

Pg. 117, “And again He proved that in harassments was a good place to get to know Him!”

Pg. 118, “But is it not wonderful that when we are faithless, He abideth faithful? (II Tim. 2:13).

If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself.

Pg. 121, “The challenge of the platform of small harassments in the Arena—what is it?  It is really the gladiatorial struggle with self-pity, a most unglamorous opponent: so unglamorous that he whispers to us, ‘I am not important! Just let me be.’  How many times we have lost the fight just because we have let self-pity be!”

Pg. 122, “Do not let this small thing (harassment) grow until it fills your thoughts.  The Lord should fill your horizon always—nothing else is worthy.  Clean up the mess in the storeroom or be content to leave it until you have time.  But press on with your spiritual work.”

Pg. 123, “God meets us on that level—every day’s most quiet need.  He will have a good word, a new sweetness or a new fellowship to help us press through to victory.  And when the thrill of victory dawns upon us, we will whisper, ‘O Lord, it wasn’t in me.  It was Thy sufficiency for every days most quiet need.’”


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