Sometimes you gotta laugh!

So sometimes life here can bring about embarrassing moments.  Such was the case today.  Five of us went to tour the Toyota factory.  We had a great time!  It was fascinating.  We spent a little time in the small museum and then headed out for some lunch on the way home.  I pulled up to the parking garage gate and put my ticket in and it spit it back out saying something that we could not hear or understand.  I tried this several times.  In the meantime, a carload of business men pulled up behind us.  One of them got out of the car and came to our aid.  Apparently we were there more than two hours and so we were supposed to get our ticket stamped inside.  The security guard came running over and confirmed this.  Now there are at least 10 cars lined up behind us.  The guard had some cars back up and told me to back up while Bekah went back inside to get our ticket stamped.  The business men smiled as they left.  I’m sure they had a good laugh at our predicament.  Bekah came out and returned to the car.  I pulled up to the gate, inserted the ticket and it opened!!  YEA!!  As we pulled out, I smiled and waved at the security guard.  He clapped!  HA!!  There is never a dull moment when you have a car full of foreigners out for the day!  I’m sure we were the topic of conversation for several the rest of the day!!


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