Running in circles…

Today I am literally running in circles.  My hubby returned yesterday after being away at a conference for the week.  Tomorrow, we are having a combined Japanese/International service in the morning with a barbecue after. Needless to say, there is much to be done.  During a breaktime, I was checking on some friends online and one of them posted the video clip below.  I added it to my page on Bible memory, but thought I would put it here.  It was an encouragement to me on this busy day.  As always, read and listen with discernment.  A link does not mean a blanket endorsement.  Until the next time…

2 thoughts on “Running in circles…

  1. That was good! and powerful, thank you for sharing. I need to hear this …..I have gotten away from my Bible memorizing, shame on me. Now is a good time to get back. R left yesterday and it is harder than I thought to say goodbye for now. Hoping your day is filled with strength & blessings….

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