Long, Hot Days of Summer

They’re here and boy are they hot.  I don’t ever remember a summer in Japan where the temps were this high this early.  When it rains, we get a little relief.  I was out working in the yard today in preparation of  a church barbecue this weekend.  My thermometer said that it was 104 degrees!  No wonder I was feeling a little faint.  I had to quit before my kids had to pick me up and carry me inside.  After lots to drink and a cold shower, I am feeling much better.  Hated to turn the air conditioner on, but just had to!!  If my hubby were here, he would be inclined to agree.  🙂  This is the earliest that we have ever turned the air on.  We can usually make it into July.

I am praying that we do not face the rolling blackouts this summer.  I’m not sure that I will make it if we have them with these temps.  Please continue to pray for Japan and the needs here.   I think I will close for now and fix myself a tall glass of ice tea…

2 thoughts on “Long, Hot Days of Summer

  1. You can have some of our clouds and cooler air 🙂 I don’t like the heat much, so I’m not complaining.
    Thanks for your comment. I’m divided between WordPress and Blogger and email. Can’t make up my mind.
    I am praying for you all in Japan. It is one of the countries I will be focusing on on my missions blog. Stay cool… Joyce

  2. That heat sounds so bad…I don’t think I’ve ever experienced 104 degree temps! What are the ‘rolling blackouts’ ? I’m guessing some hours where you don’t use any electricity?

    I read some Blogger ‘buzz’ news and they say they are close to giving blogger new format choices….like Flipboard, etc. Oh can it be true? grin.

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