Tea Time

I thought it would be appropriate to have a tea time today since most of my day revolved around tea.  It started out with the English speaking ladies’ Bible study.  We had a good time around the Word learning about Jacob and his crisis points at Bethel.  I served Ginger and Lemon Myrtle Rooibos tea over ice.  It was delicious and did not need sugar.  Our coworker liked the tea so much, she wanted me to take her to my new favorite tea shop to help her get some.  My daughter joined us and we had a delightful time smelling all the teas, sampling a few and buying a new favorite.  The name of the tea shop is Lupicia.  I linked to the USA website since most of you would not be able to read the Japan site.  🙂  Then we went to Starbucks and I ordered a Mango Passion Tea Frappucino.  It was marvelous on this very hot, sunny day.

The tea set pictured is a favorite.  I bought it years ago at a street sale here in Japan.  I loved the cherry blossoms.  It was the first of a collection that I have enjoyed adding to over the years.  I like to leave it out where I can see it when I’m not using it.  It always brightens my day.

I’m turning into quite the tea snob since I have had to limit my caffeine intake.  Decafe coffee is virtually impossible to find here, so I rarely have coffee anymore.  My love of tea has been renewed.  The tea shops that are beginning to open around here are fueling this renewed love.

I’ll leave you today with my favorite tea quote:

Come and share of pot tea,

My home is warm and my friendship’s free.

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3 thoughts on “Tea Time

  1. Dear Senkyoushi..I’m so blessed and thrilled that you joined my tea party. I will be surprised if some of the sweet ladies who post parties don’t drop by to see yours. I try to highlight a tea party now and then. If I don’t forget..and it is entirely possible..then I will mention yours. I know how much everyone would love to see your beautiful tea. How I would have loved to have joined you smelling teas..and sharing the gospel. Hubby and I had hoped to do that someday.

    Thanks so much for sharing. I do hope I get to visit again soon. :o) I’ve had that roobios tea (I’m not the expert on teas but what you see on today’s post was given me by a friend who IS. ) I liked it a lot.

    Have a wonderful day and a wonderful tea.


  2. Linda H.

    Your tea set is lovely – ahhh cherry blossoms. I, too, like loose tea so much better. I appreciate you stopping in to visit my blog. You have a lovely blog and I will be back. (I lived in Japan when I was very young – very few memories) God bless you and your family, L

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