A cultural moment…

I’ve been back about three weeks now and some cultural issues have smacked me in the face.  I knew they were coming, but while living in the states it is easy to forget.  The thing that I am dealing with now that is sooooo difficult is the heat. The temps are in the 80’s which is not intolerable when home with the fans running.  I was in a department store the other day and there was no air conditioning running, only fans.  It was suffocating.  It is my opinion that the Japanese are cold-blooded by nature.  I am not, especially as I have hit the stage of mid-life.  When I am at the gym, ladies are working out in long sleeves.  The other day a lady entered the gym in a coat.  When she took it off, she had on a sweater and long sleeves.  I was stunned.  It was hot and humid out.  I was sweating, I mean, perspiring in my short sleeve t-shirt.  The Japanese seem to live by the calendar.  We have another week until it is officially summer, so even if the temps are high, they are still wearing warmer clothes.  I cannot comprehend it.

In our area, they have closed a nuclear plant.  There is nothing wrong with it other than it is old.  Due to what is going on at Fukushima, it was closed in order to be reinforced.  Because of this, we have to conserve power.  That may mean very little air conditioning this summer.  Factories are staggering  their days off this summer to help spread the power around.  One man in our church will have to work Saturday and Sunday through the months of July and August.  This will be a difficult time for many.  Please pray for us as we brace for the heat of summer.

I am gradually working my way back into the Japanese way of life.  In some ways, it is easy.  In some ways, it is not so easy.  God is faithful and He gives grace where and when needed.  Many exciting things have been happening.  I know that these things have been allowed by our gracious God to help ease me back into the life He has called me too.

Until the next time…


2 thoughts on “A cultural moment…

  1. I wouldn’t want to have to do without ac with temperatures in the 80’s! We need to conserve power here somewhat just to save on the electric bill. R S was here today & yesterday, and installed a ceiling fan on the back porch. Wish I could send you some of this 70 degree weather. We are chilly! and…I saw your blog via ipad…wow, I loved it….just like ‘flipboard’. Amazing! I’m dying to find out more about it. Is it an app or did you get it custom made, I wonder. May I have that too?….=). Have a nice day.

  2. About the flagstone….I just pull the little weeds by hand or with a garden tool, after a rain. You could spray weed killer on them too. (I may try that this year) After a while the soil packs down and even lets a little moss grow there sometimes. I hope your herb garden brings you much enjoyment. I am loving making little outdoor ‘rooms’.

    I looked up your verses in Luke 18. Those are rich promises indeed! And so true. Thanks for letting me know about the feature of ‘WordPress’ that changes the format . I hope Blogger will hop on board! That is So impressive. There is an app called ‘Zite’ that allows you to create your own personalized magazine, with ‘sections’ /topics of interest to you that you enter. I enjoy it very much and just yesterday found a darling cat toy to knit for the children that looks easy.

    J & her husband have taken a Russian boy into their home for 6 weeks. This is his 1st week with them, he speaks no English. They are using their iphone translator with him. He looks sweet. He just turned 8. Happy gardening!

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