Getting ready…

…to start on this:

Job’s Tears

Son #1 is graduating from college and will not be returning to Japan with us.  His room is going to become my sewing room.  I thought this would look nice in it!

6 thoughts on “Getting ready…

  1. Is that from Paula Vaughan? I am working on one of her designs now. I inherited my middle son’s room for sewing and crafts when he married. It did help lessen the sting of his moving out. 😀

  2. I can’t believe he’s graduated already! time goes by so quickly… …. what a lovely cross-st pattern. My friend has stitched one similar to that. I’m finishing my old cross st. projects….hopefully! I joined the 20 minute a day group. So far, I’m lagging behind, (thanks to Robert Whitlow’s A Tides of Truth series) novels…blush. What a good read, I could hardly put them down…all 3 books of the series. It does have flaws though….the boyfriend had a hair issue…and there was a lady preacher who had a prophecy ‘gift’. Did you know that Larkrise to Candleford..series 4, episodes 1 & 2 are on youtube? More goodness.

  3. carol

    Oh, that picture is beautiful! It just evokes good old-fashioned, homey feelings.

    BTW, one of the ladies at my church was wondering if you had any Japanese tracts that you could bring with you on Monday. She’d like to give one to a Japanese lady that is in a class with her.

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