My God keeps me safe.

We spend a lot of time on the highways when we are on furlough.  Yesterday we were traveling on I-94 towards Chicago.  The snow was blowing and roads were slick.  I really don’t know how it started.  Either one car was passing the other and cut over too soon or they both went into the center lane at the same time, clipped one another and then the craziness began.  They were sliding all over the road, spinning like crazy and then facing us head on.  And that is when it happened…the hand of God reaching down and pushing them out of our way and off of the road.  There is no other explanation for our escape.  We pulled off the road to catch our collective breath, saw the occupants get out of their cars with no apparent injury and then continued on to our destination.

“…safety is of the LORD.”

~Proverbs 21:31

4 thoughts on “My God keeps me safe.

  1. carol

    Oh, praise the Lord! I am thanking the Lord for traveling safety today, too. We had to travel to PA for my mother-in-law’s funeral. Our travel day up was last Wednesday. We were in snow for six hours thru VA, MD, WV, and part of PA. We finally had to pull off and get a hotel for the night. By the time we stopped, traffic was only going 20 mph. By the next morning, those PA road crews had the roads in spotless condition! It was especially amazing to see since 5″ of snow shut SC down for several days the other week.
    Will continue to pray for your safety. Looking forward to meeting you on Monday!

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