The Blessing of Serving

We are on the road again and in the frigid state of Michigan.  It was -3 a few days ago, so it feels like a heat wave today at 27!  HA!  It is so difficult for me to get packed up and get on the road, but once we arrive at our destination, I am always blessed.  I meet wonderful people who I know pray for me on a regular basis.  I have the privilege of sharing my burden for Japan and sharing specific ways of how the Lord has taken care of me when I couldn’t do for myself.  Sometimes the recollections bring tears to my eyes and sometimes I see tears in the eyes of others as I’m talking.  That always humbles me.  Psalm 103:14 is one of my favorite verses.  “For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust.” I always smile a little when I think of this verse.  God knows that we are dust.  How marvelous that He still chooses to use us!!!

This blog is supposed to be about my life in Japan, but I’m not there right now.  That makes it a little difficult to know what to share sometimes.  I’m not crafting, sewing, stamping, cooking or doing any of those things that I like to do right now.  BUT I am serving…and God is blessing…and I am content.  Until the next time…

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