Daybook Entry

for today…


January 10, 2011 in South Carolina

Outside my window…lots of beautiful white stuff!!

I am thinking…about final dinner preparations.

I am thankful for…a warm home and electricity.  In the past, we always lost our power during these times.

I am remembering…snow days with younger children.

From the kitchen…Italian pork chops with portobello mushrooms.

I am going…to have to go on the road again next week.

I am reading…Tidings of Comfort and Joy by T. Davis Bunn among other things.


January 10, 2011 in South Carolina

I am hoping…this is the year…

I am hearing…my hubby typing and my son watching t.v.

Noticing that…it will be lonely around here in a couple of days when my older offspring return to their dorms.

Around the house…things are returning to normal.  Decorations are put away, but I am still burning a Balsam candle.  mmmmmm…

Pondering these words…”Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee…”

One of my favorite things…the beautiful white stuff that is outside my window.

Here is a picture for thought I am sharing…

January 10, 2011 in South Carolina-might not look like much for some, but it's bliss for us!!!


2 thoughts on “Daybook Entry

  1. I’ve been hoping/praying we don’t lose power, either, and so far so good. We had less snow that SC did but we’re on our third day of school closings so far.

    Hoping this is the year for…?

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