The Week in Words

I’m late again, but just had to share from my reading.  I have at least four books going right now,  but one has captured my attention.  We are studying through The Pursuit of God in my Sunday School class.  I’m rarely there, but I am still trying to stay on schedule.  The last time I was there, someone recommended reading By Searching by Isobel Kuhn.  I think I have read this before.  My copy was in Japan, so I picked up another one.  It has been so goooooooood!!!!!!!  Just what I needed right now.  I love reading missionary works.  I feel a bond with them.  In chapter 4 of this book, she talks about a time when she was particularly lonely and how the Lord used that time in her life.  On page 28 she quotes F. B. Meyer,

“Nothing strengthens us so much as isolation and transplantation…under the wholesome demand his soul will put forth all her native vigor…it may not be necessary for us to withdraw from home and friends; but we shall have to withdraw our heart’s deepest dependence from all earthly props and supports, if ever we are to learn what it is to trust simply and absolutely on the eternal God.”

On page 29 she goes on to say,

“I was learning what Dr. A. W. Tozer calls, ‘the awareness of His presence.’  It satisfied me as nothing on earth had ever done, and filled me with a joy of communion that is inexpressible.  It was in this Arabia [time of loneliness] that I learned fellowship with Christ, a living Person-to-person fellowship which henceforth became dearer than anything else in life to me.”

I can honestly say that I am learning not to resist those time of loneliness, because that is when I feel the Lord’s presence the most.  That is the time that He teaches me and speaks to me a very personal way.

3 thoughts on “The Week in Words

  1. Isobel Kuhn’s By Searching and In the Arena are two of my all-time favorite missionary books.

    I’ve often thought in reference to my testimony that it was when ym parents divorced and we moved to another city and all the props were kicked out from under me that I was really drawn to know the Lord. And even after salvation, God has done that to me a few times. It’s scary at first but then blessed to find that “underneath are the everlasting arms.”

  2. What beautiful thoughts about putting all our trust in the Lord. I’ve experienced times of loneliness, too, and learned then the joy of communing with the Lord, that I could then take with me the rest of my life. Thanks for sharing these quotes.

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