Isle of Palms

If I were to be honest, I would have to admit that all the traveling we do as missionaries can be taxing.  Sometimes, I long to be in one place for a long length of time.  I tend to be a homebody, so not having a “home” can be difficult at times.  On the other hand, there are lots of perks to what we do as well.  For example, we get to see parts of the world and our own country that we would not ordinarily get to see.  Recently, I had the opportunity to spend an extended amount of time in Charleston, SC.  We were there briefly for our anniversary.  It was the appetizer.  Our recent trip was the full course meal!  The following picutres were taken during a sunset stroll on the beach on the Isle of Palms.until the next time…


One thought on “Isle of Palms

  1. carol

    Oh, we just stayed there in May when our son graduated from the Citadel. We had a lovely time, too! 🙂 One of the sweetest things was my daughter-in -law playing on the beach and in the water. She is from Nova Scotia, and she had never been to a sand beach before. She had a great time “frolicking” (her word).

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