That One Lost Sheep

A dear lady that I know is getting ready to go to be with her Saviour.  As I’ve been thinking about her and praying for her and her husband, my thoughts turned to their favorite hymn.  I’ve been going over the same verse in my head.  Today, I looked up the words for the rest…

Safe were the ninety and nine in the fold.
Safe though the night was stormy and cold;
But said the Shepherd when counting them o’er,
“One sheep is missing, there should be one more.”

Although His feet were weary and worn,
And though His hands were rent and torn,
Although the road was rocky and steep,
Still the Good Shepherd searched long for his sheep.

There in the night He heard a faint cry
From the lost sheep just ready to die.
Then in His arms to shield from the cold
He brought the lost sheep back safe to the fold.

The Shepherd went out to search for His sheep,
And all through the night on the cold, rocky steep
He searched till He found him,
With love bands He bound him,
And I was that one lost sheep.

One thought on “That One Lost Sheep

  1. Her homegoing is on my heart and mind also. Her life has been so full of fruitbearing for Jesus. May her homegoing be joyous, after these hard times are passed.~~ We hope things are going well for you & your family. It is so hot today and we are looking forward to cooler weather~~~what a precious hymn. I love the old hymns, they so very often touch my heart and remind me of God’s presence with us. So real, so precious, yet so often passed by in the flurry of this world. ~~~We are looking at Apple pc’s and have almost made a decision!

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