After the Storm

I didn’t intend to take such a long blog break, but life has been moving too fast to stop to blog.  I have lots I want to share and hope to find the time over the next few weeks.  We go on the road again next week and I have to start homeschool, so life continues to move at a rapid pace.  One thing I have discovered is that life is much faster here in the USA than in Japan.  The adjustment has been difficult, but God is faithful.  He sends little moments that cause me to stop and smell the proverbial roses.  Such was the case a few days ago.  We had a horrific thunderstorm here.  It lasted a couple of hours.   Afterwards the view was breathtaking…the sun glowed on the corn fields.  The pictures don’t quite capture it, but I had to share.


One thought on “After the Storm

  1. carol

    I would like to contact you. I am a friend of Barbara at Stray Thoughts. Would you send me an e-mail when you get a chance? Thank you.

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