The Week in Words

“…if my children see me pray at meals, it will do them good.  If the staff sees me fasting, they may be inspired to fast.  If my roommate sees me read my Bible, he may be inspired to read his.  And so on.

Now that’s not all bad.  Jesus’ public prayers certainly inspired the disciples (Luke11:1).  But the danger is that all of our life–including our spiritual life–starts to be justified and understood simply on the horizontal level for the effects it can have because others see it happening.  And so God subtly and slowly can become a secondary Person in the living of our lives.  We may think that He is important to us because all these things that we are doing are the kinds of things He wants us to do.  But, in fact, He Himself is falling out of the picture as the focus of it all.  And this registers in the motives of our hearts so that we feel satisfied when others are watching, but feel unmotivated if no one knows what we are doing–no one but God!”

~pg. 75, A Hunger for God, by John Piper

This stopped me in my tracks and caused me to search my heart for my motivations behind the daily things that I do for God.

*Please note that a quote here is not an endorsement of any material or authors.  Everything should be read with discernment and judged on the basis of God’s Word.  For more Week in Words, click here.

2 thoughts on “The Week in Words

  1. That is definitely sobering! Especially with children we want them to see us doing right as examples, but that can so easily slip into doing things for others’ eyes rather than His alone.

    Thanks for joining in!

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