My God is More Than Enough

In the darkness, miserable, and lost, a child of wrath was I,

Without hope, but only great despair; God heard my desperate cry.

Then he granted me forgiveness through the death of His dear Son;

He restored my sight and paid my debt; my sinful heart He won.

When my faith is tried by trials and temptations hard and long,

I receive from God His wisdom and a mind renewed and strong.

He is faithful to sustain me when the weight I cannot bear;

He invites me to His throne of grace to bring Him all my care.

Though I groan with all creation, He’s prepared for me a place

Where I’ll evermore be with Him and behold His blessed face.

No more sin or tears or sorrow when the former things are done,

God will change me to be like Him—in the image of His Son.


My God is more than enough, sufficient for each hour;

His wisdom guides my steps; I’m strengthened by His power.

And when He shed His blood and gave His life to set me free,

He proved His wondrous love is more than enough for me.

~Pat Berg/Mac Lynch

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