Unexplainable love…

Cherry Blossoms, 2010

“An honored saint was once so ravished with a revelation of his Lord’s love, that feeling his mortal frame to be unable to sustain more of such bliss, he cried, ‘Hold, Lord, it is enough, it is enough!’  In heaven we shall be able to see the bottomless well of love to our lips, and drink on forever.  Ah, that will be love indeed which shall overflow our souls forever in our Father’s house above!  Who can tell the transports, the raptures, the amazements of delight which that love shall beget in us? And who can guess the sweetness of the song, or the swiftness of the obedience which will be the heavenly expressions of love made perfect?”

~ C. H. Spurgeon

5 thoughts on “Unexplainable love…

  1. Cindy

    Thanks for posting this, Kim. I am familiar with it but had not thought of it in a long time! Hope that your time is going well and that your list is getting drastically shorter by the day!


  2. Boy – we had a lot going on for several months and when I was looking at my blogs, I was looking at the thumbnails. I had your button on my blog but fogot to look over there. I’m sorry I have not visited in a while! I seem to have picked up more blogs to follow and sometimes, just don’t get to reading many.
    I enjoyed reading your current post. I need to come back and catch up! Last I read you all were having sickness and then you were gone for a period.
    I think you’re about due stateside soon!
    Take care. JEnn

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