The title of this blog entry is a family joke.  One of my sons does not like when we share TMI (too much information).  During our deputation travels, we were having a TMI conversation when this particular son said that was way too much information.  One of us broke out in a radio announcer voice and said, “Welcome to WTMI, where we give you way too much information.”  The phrase has stuck ever since.  So, this is probably WTMI for all you dear blog readers, but it is a real part of life in the 10/40 window!

When visiting the restroom in this country, this is the norm.  Actually, it is a little better than the norm since this particular one is located in the church.  So you can imagine the shock, surprise, awe, etc. when I opened the door to a restroom in a restaurant on our recent trip to Tokyo and saw this…It was placed strategically at the end of a hall.  The hall was dark and the “throne” lighting was ethereal!  It truly was fit for a king!  There should have been a choir singing in the background!  But I’m not finished…the next day we visited a tea room and saw this…It was so lovely!  And so very American!!  These events were definitely a highlight of our trip!

4 thoughts on “WTMI

  1. I love the bathtub in the tea room bathroom! I don’t think I have come across anything like that before.

    It seems like there are fewer and fewer “squatties” these days. Maybe I just frequent different kinds of places now that I have four kids?

    The hardest time to use one is when pregnant, and since I haven’t been with child in a few years, I guess they don’t bother me as much. Sorry, maybe that was WTMI! ;o)

  2. Cindy

    I can see why the bottom two would be a trip highlight! The top one is palatial compared to the one encountered in the Milano train station last May, though, and it cost to use! My dil says they have since modernized it.

  3. Wow! Nice tub! That’s one of the things I really miss hear in Brazil. All bathrooms just have shower stalls, no tubs. Some real fancy rich houses might have one, but few.


  4. Def. one of the nicer things about Tokyo! You’d be hard pressed to find a place w/ only a squatty potty, places that do have them usually have a Western toilet as well.

    The tea room bathroom is definitely very American! And so pretty!

    I’m glad you enjoyed your time in T-town, it’s one of my favorite cities (and not just b/c I live here!)

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