An Ordinary Day

Today was a pretty ordinary day.  I kind of had the blahs and didn’t much feel like doing anything.  I pushed myself and made a nice evening meal for the family.  Later in the afternoon, I went with my hubby to a park where you can see all of our city.  I did some walking while he took photos on his fancy camera, then I took a few pictures on my not so fancy camera.  Nothing cures the duldrums like a walk in the cold, windy sunshine.

My DH taking photos.

I loved seeing the snow covered mountains in the background.  In the foreground, you can see the “dryers” that they use here.  🙂This photo is a little bright because of the sun.  I didn’t realize how close we are to the harbor as the crow flies.  The smoke stacks are at the harbor which is on the Pacific Ocean.The water tower on the right is my landmark.  Whenever I get turned around and I’m not sure where I am, I look for the water tower.  There are a lot of the apartments that you see all over our city.  These are government owned.  The rent is cheaper that others.

more of our skyline

This evening, I decided to do some sewing.  It’s been awhile since I used my machine and I was itching to do something.  I found a great pattern for a Bible cover.  I’m pleased with how it turned out.  

Until the next time…

5 thoughts on “An Ordinary Day

  1. I enjoyed your pictures….and your Bible cover. I sewed a couch pillow with ball fringe I guess its been 2 weeks ago now. I’ve one to go and I’d like to try sewing a purse….hobo style…out of a piece of gorgeous upholstery material.

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