Deputation Quilt

Yesterday, I managed to take the time to sandwich my Deputation Quilt.  We have the perfect table for it over at the church.  It’s nice and long.  It’s much easier than trying to do it on the floor.I pieced each square by hand during my travels on deputation.  For those of you who don’t know…deputation is when Independent Baptist missionaries travel all over the country visiting Independent Baptist churches raising support so that they can move to a foreign country and start a church.  Our travels took us to over 150 churches from California to New York City!  It took us 3.5 years to raise our support. 

I am human and somewhere during this 3.5 years I was getting a little resentful.  I didn’t have time to do the things that I love to do.  After all, it’s a little hard to tote a sewing machine all over the country!  HA!  Sometime during all this, a lady at our home church offered to teach a quilting class for homeschoolers.  I signed my daughter up and decided that if I was going to take her, I might as well make a square too.  It is now finished and hanging on my wall.  In the fall, she continued to teach for whoever wanted to come.  This was a great time of fellowship as well as learning.  I decided to do mine by hand so that I could take it on the road with me.  I loved working on the squares whenever I had a chance.  If I missed a class, the teacher helped me catch up when I was home.  Each square taught us a different skill.  I used the colors I love.  When it was time to put it all together, I was a little concerned since I used such a hodge podge of fabrics.  I noticed that my favorite color, green, was in every square so I picked out a dark green to pull it all together.  I needed a backing and found the perfect one.  I used it for the border around the quilt.  I will use the green for the binding.   I did sew the sashing on by machine, but everything else was done by hand.  I’m going to quilt by hand as well.  It relaxes me and helps me to feel connected to the past.  I think my grandmother must be smiling at me right now as I get ready to get out her quilting thimble and start quilting…

4 thoughts on “Deputation Quilt

  1. Margie

    This is gorgeous. I am so proud of you, and thrilled that you have finally finished it. Please do bring it home on furlough if at all possible so that we can all see it. M

  2. Your quilt is just beautiful! You’ve done a lovely job with it. I love all the green.

    I hope your family is starting to feel better, and you stay well! My husband is fighting a cold right now. I’m hoping the rest of us don’t catch it.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Your quilt is very pretty! and I am really impressed with the appliqued square. I can understand your feelings as you were on deputation….and needlework is so calming…like your own private world. I haven’t done any for quite a while but I remember that feeling.

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