Stranded at World’s End

From In the Arena, by Isobel Kuhn

“How wonderful to find Him always there, when we have unexpected need of Him! That living touch with Him is so precious; it makes Him so real; it obliterates the line between the earthly and heavenly; it is so humbling to find Him waiting there.” ~Pg. 178

“There are many apparently needless trials in life, but the Lord stands with us through all of them. ‘May you lose nothing in the furnace but your dross,’ said Samuel Rutherford. The Lord will preserve everything else for us.” ~Pg. 179

“Stranded at world’s end? Maybe. But if we lean back we will find ourselves on the bosom of Christ—sweet, familiar place.

Sometimes on the Rock I tremble,
Faint of heart and weak of knee;
But the steadfast Rock of Ages
Never trembles under me!” ~Pg. 180


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