Welcome to the Sick House

I intended to take a blogging break until after New Year’s, but plans have a way of changing.  Today we were to go snowboarding.  Next week, we were to go to my in-laws for a few days.  Now the plans are to stay at home.  My daughter has the new flu.  My son has a bad cold.  Today my hubby started to show symptoms of we aren’t sure what.  I’m thinking it’s the flu.  He’s being optimistic and hoping for a cold.  I’m…well, actually, I’m o.k. at present.  This happens to us every now and then.  This is the second time I remember that we pretty much missed Christmas.  It would be easy to feel sorry for myself, but then I remember people with a loved one in ICU or someone who lost a parent this year and I realize that I have nothing to complain about.  My focus needs to be on the “Who” of Christmas, not the “what I can’t do.”

Last night, I did some thinking and thought this would be a good time to do some of those things that I never have time to do.  I’m itching to sew something!  First things first though…my house literally looked like a tornado went through it.  The downstairs of my 900 square foot house was difficult to walk through.  I spent the afternoon whipping things into shape.  My son helped out some and now I can relax and move onto other things.

I decided that I would try a new recipe for dinner.  Macaroni and Cheese is supposed to be comfort food.  My family loves it, but I hate it.  I know hate is strong word, but it is the truth.  It is reported that my mom makes the best Mac ‘n Cheese.  I wouldn’t know.  I could never get past the smell.  When I had to serve it while working in the dining common at college, it was all I could do not to retch.  Having said all that, I found this recipe on the internet for Fancy Macaroni.  It looked really good and it intrigued me.  I made it for dinner tonight.  It calls for 4 different cheeses that I can’t get here.  I substituted Japanese natural cheese, cheddar cheese and cream cheese for 3 of the cheeses.  I did have some Parmesan.  It was delicious!!  My family said it is a keeper.  I do need to give a small warning though…this recipe is not for those who are counting fat grams!  😉

Fancy Macaroni

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Sick House

  1. I’m so sorry for the sickness! We had one Christmas like that — and on top of everything my father-in-law really wanted us to come to ID that year. He’d been severely ill and I think just wanted to see everyone. We had to tell him we were too sick to travel and went up some time in January. Different Christmases are memorable for different reasons!

    That macaroni does look good.

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