A Reminder of God’s Blessings

I woke up to this beautiful white stuff this morning!

I love when God gives us little reminders of His past blessings.  Today it was in the snow that I have longed for…

We moved to this part of Japan the week of Thanksgiving 2005. This is not the time of year that most of us would choose to make a life-changing move, but we knew it was the Lord’s perfect timing.

We arrived and spent Thanksgiving with my in-laws and then went to our new home. We hit the ground running. While others were decking the halls, we were painting, wallpapering, putting in a new floor, laying carpet and all the other things that needed to be done before our container arrived.

The container arrived the week before Christmas. My husband, his two brothers and a national friend spent 2 days at the port negotiating. We were getting concerned. We thought that we paid everything in the states. The port officials here were telling us otherwise. The price was climbing and we did not have the money. Finally, they agreed to let my hubby and his brothers unload at customs for the inspection and then reload it. This would save us a lot of money. We still had to get through the inspection.

I thought I did all the paperwork right, but found out later that I went a little overboard and it could cost us a lot of money. I e-mailed many of my friends and my home church to pray on the day of inspection.

The night before, it began snowing hard!!! My hubby was helping a neighbor with their car that was stuck in the snow when he said that he didn’t think it snowed like that here. The neighbor who has lived here for all of her 50+ years replied that she didn’t know it did either! All I could think about was the inconvenience of unloading and reloading the container in the snow. If all went well, the container would be delivered the next day which meant another day of unloading in not so good weather. This was all happening 5-6 days before Christmas which was on a Sunday.

When the men went to the port, the customs official told my husband that since it was snowing there would be no inspection. He asked him to step into his office while he processed the paperwork to release the container. There was no inspection and no taxes!!! We found out later that this snowfall was a 60 year record for our area!! God certainly intervened on our behalf.

Another miracle was the hooking up of my American gas range. We were told that it would be weeks before they could get to us. I was doing all my cooking in the microwave, with the electric skillet or on the gas burner over at the church. It was getting old. I prayed. On Christmas Eve, the gas man came to see what needed to be done and called for help. They hooked it up that day!!

I was so far away from home without any of the trappings that normally make up our Christmas celebrations, but that was what I needed to see the miracles and remember WHO Christmas is all about. I will never forget…

60 year record-breaking snowfall, December 2005
60 year record-breaking snowfall, December 2005
60 year record-breaking snowfall, December 2005

“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”
~Matthew 21:22

One thought on “A Reminder of God’s Blessings

  1. I’m catching up on blog reading – and caught up on several of your posts. Looks like the tea was fun – I love the before and during photos – the people look like they are happy and enjoying themselves. Very neat.
    The story about the snow and your stuff is amazing. Wow. What can be done by the hand of God is awesome – it’s not that He’s not capable – it’s that He does it … for us. THen we get to give Him the praise and thanks. Abba Father.
    I didn’t realize your daughter is older – I think it is a huge blessing that she is with you …
    Take care! Jenn

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