Christmas Apart

On my second Christmas Day, apart in measure from my dear family, I found comfort in “taking” a new carol, which, unlike most carols, would look not only at Bethlehem, but also at Calvary. There are times when nothing holds the heart but a long, long look at Calvary. How very small anything that we are allowed to endure seems beside that Cross.

Rose from Brier, by Amy Carmicheal, pg. 82

*This is our 5th Christmas apart from family and loved ones that are stateside.  We are looking forward to being together next year!


5 thoughts on “Christmas Apart

  1. Hey there, just thought I would pop in and say Hey!
    Hope you have a great December and wonderful holidays. I know how hard it can be to be away from family during the holidays, but it makes our time with them that much sweeter!

  2. Really, 5 years…wow. Next year will roll around before we know it. (for me at this age anyway!) I have some of Amy Carmichael’s books. They are so special! Warm wishes for a blessed and Happy Christmas!

    1. We plan on returning in May for a 1 year furlough. I have a nasty cold. I’m praying it goes away soon as this is a very busy week for with a Christmas tea party on Saturday.

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