The Electronic Back Fence

Hello, neighbor! I was discussing blogging with my hubbie the other day. He doesn’t understand why I enjoy it. I told him of the encouragement I have received, recipes shared, craft ideas, Christmas decorating ideas, etc…I went on to explain that since we live overseas, this replaces the phone calls, tea time with friends, and the magazines that I can’t make myself pay $20 per issue for! He got a chuckle out of that and called blogging the electronic back fence. He’s right. It is! And since I live half a world away, just imagine how big that back fence is! 🙂One day, a friend and I went to an American hotel in my city for lunch. We were hoping it would be decorated for Christmas. I was so surprised when I walked in and saw this train. I was thrilled. It reminded me of the one we used to drive into Pittsburgh to see when I was a kid. You can’t read the billboards, but they are all in Japanese. This was pretty funny, since everything else was very European!You can see some of the writing on this one. I loved this little section of the village.They built a huge gingerbread house around their sweet and bread shop. It was darling. You can see a bit of the blue tree on the right. It was 3-4 stories high. I can’t comprehend decorating that!I would like to end today’s conversation with a prayer request. I ask that you pray for good health for my family and me.  My son, B, was ill last night.  He is doing much better.  With the new flu all around us, I am concerned. We have a history of being ill at Christmas time. A few years ago when we were in the states, we where so sick with influenza that we couldn’t go to my parents until New Year’s Day. This is a busy year.  We have many extra activities for the holidays.  I am hosting my first tea party in this city next week among other things.  If we could just hold on until after New Year’s…. Until the next time….

*This is an edited repost.

4 thoughts on “The Electronic Back Fence

  1. Again, enjoyed your post. That’s some back fence all right. (Heavenly Father, I lift this family to You for protection from sickness and ask for health, strength and stamina. I ask for blessings on their ministry and the Christmas Tea. I ask for peace and a sense of belonging even though away from the USA. I pray that they just get a special blessing this year, especially in health. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen. Lord, I forgot to thank You. Thank You Father for this opportunity and for the blessings over the big back fence. Thank You for answering our prayers. Amen.) ……. Jenn

  2. I love seeing pictures of what you have at hand, there in Japan. Its mega interesting so thanks for taking the time to post things like this when you can. Yes, blogging is like an electronic backyard fence, isn’t it. Its put a smile on my face time and again. I enjoy it immensely, though I’m not online as much as I used to be.

    Lifting up a prayer for your family’s health. I’d love to come to your tea party! I’m sure it will be wonderful.

  3. Lovely to meet you over the back fence! In our case it runs from your place in Japan to mine in country Australia, where we also homeschool using Ambleside Online and the Charlotte Mason method.

    I found you from Sue’s blog – Living and Learning! I am a passionate Japanophile, and we are just planning our next trip at the moment! We have a number of good friends in the Japanese Reformed Presbyterian Church in Kobe who we like to visit on each trip, and we can’t ever miss Kyoto – my favourite city! Of course a visit to Sue is on the list as well.

    I have enjoyed having a look around your blog – over the fence as it were. Look forward to visiting with you again soon.



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