Thank You, Lord

Loving Shepherd of my soul,
Keep me close; I love You so.
Lead me where the waters flow
In Your rich green pasture.
Be my Guide; I’m in Your care;
Keep my feet from ev’ry snare.
I will follow anywhere
You call me to go.
Shepherd of eternity,
All my future You can see.
Show me what is best for me;
I trust in Your goodness.
In the valley I’ll not fear;
Through the storm Your voice I hear.
Your strong arm is always near;
I rest in Your love.
Thank You, Lord; Thank You, Lord;
I will thank You, Lord.
In Your will I’m content;
I’ll not wish for more.
I will seek Your kingdom first;
I will trust all that You do.
Thank You, Lord; Thank you, Lord;
I rejoice in You.

~words and music by Ron Hamilton

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