Giving Thanks

Today I am giving thanks for a wonderful day trip to Toba to visit Mikimoto Pearl Island and an aquarium.  A lady in our church took my children and me.  When we returned, my hubby had dinner waiting for us!  I will post more later.  Right now, I am very tired and going to bed.  A warm bed is something else to be thankful for!


3 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. I so enjoy being able to drop by your blog. I think of you often and feel special to know someone who is a missionary in Japan. I just can’t tell you how that feels in my heart. You get mentioned in my prayers as well. Hope you are rested. Kudos to the husbands when they do special things.

  2. We went to the Baltimore Md Aquarium last week and really enjoyed it. When I saw the word aquarium in your post…I perked right up. My hubby said to tell you hello! I loved the jellyfish most….smile.

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