Tho’ It’s Midnight

When I read of Paul and Silas, in the jail so long ago,
I can see this truth so glorious, that my Father wants me to know.
There are times the pain seems endless, and my suffering seems so long,
But my Saviour bears each sorrow and He gives to me a song.

Go to Jesus if you’re wounded, if you’re beaten down by sin.
Do not grieve alone in darkness for your Saviour wants to come in.
He will fill your heart with music that will last throughout your life.
He will drive away the darkness, every wrong will be made right.


Tho’ it’s midnight in the prison, my loving Father reigns in heaven.
His arms enfold me, no bars can hold me
while I lift my voice and sing His song of praise.
Though my body’s held in shackles, Christ has set my spirit free.
Chains are broken, doors fly open, tho’ it’s midnight.

Tho’ it’s midnight, I will praise my God.

~Ron Hamilton, recorded on Worthy of Praise

As I pause on this Lord’s day and think on the things I am thankful for, the truth in this song is at the top of the list.

4 thoughts on “Tho’ It’s Midnight

  1. Absolutely. I love the words and listened to the snipet of the music. Really a very moving melody. Plus, I wrote about that ‘release from prison’ (God’s deliverance) in my blog post today. A big thing for me, and not just me. Thank the Lord for that!
    See ya next time! Jenn

  2. It’s amazing how music can fill so many needs. It helps us express ourself and show our love and soothe our soul. Thank you for such an inspiring blog post today.

  3. This is an attitude of the heart that I long to move more and more in the direction of. I pray each day that I would love Him more (He is the only real treasure!)-this world, less and less!
    Thanks so much for sharing these words!
    Blessings and love from the Cabin!
    Claudia O.

  4. Eugenia

    This song has definitely spoken to me as well. I heard it first at Pensacola Christian College, sung by the college choir during the Sunday evening service. There is something so uplifting in this song, it turns your thoughts to God’s power, and how he is above whatever we are facing. Thank you. I was looking for the words of this song so that I could sing it around the house. This really helped.

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