Giving Thanks in Everything…

view from Chasuyama

I’m thankful for my great kids and the wonderful time we had out this afternoon.  It was spur of the moment and involved a trip to Starbucks!

I’m thankful for the friendships that are truly “iron sharpening iron.”

I’m thankful for my home that was built by Americans.  I can live like a true American within its four walls.

I’m thankful for my yard and garden.  Most homes in this area are on very small lots without any yards.

I’m thankful for electronic English/Japanese dictionaries.  Mine has saved my neck many times!

3 thoughts on “Giving Thanks in Everything…

  1. Today, other than what I have listed on my blog, I am grateful for you and your blog and reminding me that living in the US is a blessing. A blessing that often we overlook and take for granted. Thank you.

  2. Everything you mentioned are things that fill my heart with happiness for you!
    I am encouraged and spurred on by your love for your family and your contentedness!
    With Love and Thankfulness in our Lord, Claudia O.

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